Utilizing Listly for the purpose of conducting research on cryptocurrency!

5 min readMar 16, 2023


Cryptocurrency+Listly= 🤩

The importance of keeping track of prices and conducting market research on cryptocurrencies?

Doing your own research is, without a doubt, the single most crucial thing you can do if you are interested in cryptocurrency. This is much simpler to say than it is to accomplish since there is a lot of information that is available online, and it can be incredibly difficult to figure out what information is true and what information is misleading. Conducting research can help you determine which cryptocurrencies are worthwhile investments and which ones you should steer clear of. It will also make it simpler to determine when the best time is to buy and when it is best to sell.

How exactly does Listly contribute to the research on the cryptocurrency market?

Listly is a web scraper that does not require coding and can be used to download the cryptocurrency market data posted on websites such as CoinMarketCap. It is possible to “scrape” both live and historical data of a variety of currencies from a number of different websites. You can periodically scrape this data onto your computer without coding manually with the software by scraping the data from websites. This automation will offer you the most recent market data, which will be ready for examination in your Excel file. In the process of gathering data from a wide variety of sources, no time is lost!

The extraction of data can be accomplished in a variety of methods with Listly. Thanks to its user-friendly functionality, you can scrape cryptocurrency data with only a few clicks and point-and-clicks. In addition, it offers ready-to-use web scraping frameworks that may be used to collect data from various websites. It is equipped with a scraping pipeline and can integrate data into a database or with APIs for businesses of any size. Users who are interested in a smaller amount of data can take advantage of the free and open-source basic version. Listly also offers a web data service, making it a viable option for those searching for an all-in-one data solution.

Taking crypto prices from CoinMarketCap.com and scraping them using Listly!

One of the most frequently mentioned websites for keeping track of cryptocurrency prices is CoinMarketCap. It gives retail crypto investors access to objective, high-quality, and accurate information, so they may make their own decisions regarding their investments!

Data extraction procedures using Listly for cryptocurrencies:

“LISTLY WHOLE,” in action.

Step one: Navigate to coinmarketcap.com and click the “LISTLY WHOLE” button. At this point, you should see a green screen that indicates Listly is in the process of scraping the full website.

Information that has been compiled from the webpage.

Step two: When the scraping process is complete, you will be taken to a page labeled “Listly Result.” Users will receive a visualization and the outcomes of their Listly operation in this section.

Step three: Returning to the website www.coinmarketcap.com, you will see that it contains more than 20 pages of information on various currencies; at this point, you should let Listly compile all of the information for you.

Step four: On the screen titled “Listly Result,” locate the red button labeled “Group,” and click on it. Scrolling down to the bottom of this page will reveal a box where you can copy and paste the URLs of as many pages as you like.

Step five: Scroll down to the bottom of CoinMarketCap, then copy and paste each URL into the text box labeled “ADD URL” on Listly. Take note that as you do this, each URL will descend numerically to facilitate the flow of your data gathering; once you are finished, press the submit button.

Sixth step: The Listly Databoard now displays that it is in the process of scraping each URL; users may view the execution speed and are free to refresh the page to confirm that Listly has successfully finished its operation.

Step seven: To download the information you have gathered, click on the green bar, and then click on group excel or google sheets.

Excel or Google Sheets!

Step eight: Congratulations, you have successfully obtained a vast amount of valuable data with just a few clicks and without having to write any code!

A Few Parting Thoughts..

Over the course of the past few years, cryptocurrency has emerged as a prevalent topic of conversation and has seen explosive growth. Listly makes it possible to obtain all of the information with only the click of a mouse button, even as the value of each item changes and as updates or changes are introduced.

Last but not least, this only provides a glimpse of what Listly is capable of and the capabilities it offers. Your objective is to gather information, and our mission is to assist you in doing that. Listly is accessible to anyone; you do not require any prior experience with coding or data; instead, we facilitate the flow of data into the palms of your hands. Learn more at https://www.listly.io/!




Listly, a web extension, simplifies web scraping without coding. This helps you collect and export enormous volumes of data into either Excel or Google Sheets.